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Project Description
This project in  tool is designed to unlock share point files those which get Locked by User accidently or due to office word excel crash or system Crash .

The file ""  is locked for exclusive use by domain\user

Normally you will get this when file from SharePoint library is in use in by any user in client applications that's as expected. But due to many reasons  this lock never get released even  when you are not using this file. 

 Form More detail information on  sharepoint lock  and checkout Visit


Feature Supported

1.Get all the information( locked by user , lock type, lock expire ) about a locked file .

2. If file is not locked but Checkout  get  all information(checkout type , checkout by , when checked out) about checkout 

3. Allow current user to unlock  files accidentally locked by them due to system/office client  crash  etc.

4. Supported in Office 365 share point 2010 

5. WSP can be deployed as sandbox Solution.

Future release  Feature 

1. Integration to ribbon UI and Context Menu( ECB) of files in library.

2. Allow Site admin to unlock files locked by other users.

3. Allow Admin to Check-in File on behalf of Checked-out user keeping Modified by field value  as Checked-out user

4. include feedback from you


More Information on setup and understanding visit

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